In Colour Theory & Portrait Painting, we will examine colour from perspectives of various historical examples and classical colour theories, then learn how to deconstruct and apply the knowledge in portraiture in a practical manner.

This course will begin with visual presentations as well as demonstrations on various methods artists in history have used to systemize colour and light. Then we will transition into a painting demo from a live model to apply the colour knowledge in terms of mixing accurate transitional tones using simple forms of a face such as an eye, nose, and cheek. Finally the second painting demo will show how to push and apply colours in a more expressive way to create more dynamic colour ranges in portraiture.

The aim of this course is to equip artists with basic knowledge in various colour tools in order to mix accurate transitional colours as well as an ability to freely compose and express with colours while knowing what to avoid and how to solve issues in composition.

What's in the course:

Understanding colour theories, compositional tools, and physics of light and shadow

Key concepts in regards to - value organization, rendering forms, expressive use of colours, etc...

The entire step-by-step painting process demos of how to approach wet-into-wet Alla Prima paintings

Course includes:

video demonstrations (6+ hours)

PDF course handouts

supply & resource list

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Colour Theory & Portraiture

Learn the process of alla prima portraiture while applying colour and composition theories